It's Not Lonzo Ball's Fault His Dad Is An Obnoxious Jerk

It's hard to defend Lavar Ball. The man is on another level when it comes to being obnoxious. Rather it's the insane remarks he's made about his basketball career, blaming UCLA's season ending loss on slow white guys, or vaguely threatening Fox Sports' Kristine Leahy, Ball has been an ass. 

That said, his son, Lonzo Ball, has never shown any signs of being like his dad. There are obviously some concerns for NBA teams because of the distraction that Lavar could present, but Lonzo has handled everything pretty well, all things considered. 

Ball will likely still be a top two pick in the NBA Draft, therefore it's hard to argue that his dad has hurt his draft stock. With that said, Lonzo seems to be disliked as much as his dad and that isn't fair. 


Josh Lefkowitz/Getty Images

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