Biggest NBA Draft Bust Of All Time Says He'll Get The Last Laugh

It's not Anthony Bennett's fault that the Cleveland Cavaliers drafted him with the No. 1 overall pick in 2013. When you're the top pick in any draft expectations are set at a level that is tough to reach. With that said, Bennett is now the biggest bust in NBA Draft history. 

Three years after being taken with the first pick, Bennett couldn't find work in the NBA for the worst team in the league. Bennett was cut by the Brooklyn Nets in January.

He's still making a great living playing the game of basketball, despite an brief stay in the NBA. Bennett is playing in Europe, and won a EuroLeague title over the weekend. 

According to basketball reporter David Pick, Bennett feels he will get some payback.

“I feel like I’ll have the last laugh,” Bennett said prior to his championship game. “I just turned 24 years old, a lot of time left.”

Sadly....Bennett is mistaken and obviously delusional. 

Photo:  Mike Stobe/Getty Images