Today Marks The Ten Year Anniversary Of My All Time Favorite Dunk

Arguing which dunk is the best of all time would be a stupid argument to have. There have been many great dunks over the years and it would be nearly impossible to accurately rank them. It's all about personal preference. 

For me, my favorite dunk of all time happened ten years ago today. Those who listen to The Red Zone are aware that I'm not a big fan of the Golden State Warriors. That wasn't the case ten years ago. The Warriors were the Cinderella story during the 2007 Playoffs when they were the eight seed and knocked off the top seed Dallas Mavericks in the first round. 

In the second round the Warriors went up against the Utah Jazz and that's when the posterization occurred. Then Warriors guard, Baron Davis, AKA B-Diddy, AKA The Body Guard, AKA the Dentist in Joe Dirt 2, dunked on Andre Kirilenko with authority. 

Although the dunk lacks creativity and flash, Davis met AK-47 at the rim and basically ended his life.

Photo: (Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE/Getty Images)