Jim McElwain Is Ticked, But Needs More Proof

Being mistaken for someone else can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on who people think you are. If you're mistaken for a celebrity, you could play along with it and briefly experience what it feels like to be famous. However, if you're mistaken for someone who isn't exactly a likable person, that's never a good thing. 

Over the weekend, a photo of a happy naked naked man hugging a shark on a boat went viral. Wildlife TV presenter Anneka Svenska used her social media following the share the photo.

The Tweet picked up enough attention and folks quickly identified a suspect. We may never know who this man actually is, but it sure looks a lot like Florida head football coach Jim McElwain. 

Earlier this week University of Florida said that McElwain claims the man in the photo is not him. As of Wednesday, he's still pissed that people assume it was him.

I get it, Jim. No one likes to be accused of getting naked and humping slaughtered animals. That said, you need more proof that it's not you for me to be fully convinced. 

We discussed this on Tuesday's edition of The Red Zone. Also, listen to find out who I'm often mistaken for. 

Photo: Getty Images