Florida Man Says Showing His Junk To The Jury Will Prove His Innocence

When you're facing second degree murder charges there's nothing you won't do in order to prove your innocence. Richard Henry Patterson of Florida is on trial for murdering his girlfriend. 

Before going in front of a jury, Patterson has asked the judge for a special request. He wants to be able to show the jury his penis in order to prove his innocence. 

From Gossip Extra

Richard Henry Patterson, 65, is standing trial for the October 2015 death by asphyxiation of his girlfriend, Francisca Marquinez, 60. Patterson has never denied choking Marquinez, but has only recently shared the sordid details as to how it happened.

Patterson is claiming that Marquinez asphyxiated while in the act of giving him oral sex and—what’s more—says that he can prove it. How, one might ask?

Simple. He just needs to show the court his penis.

Patterson maintains that by displaying the “murder weapon” as it were, he can definitively prove his own innocence.