Colin Cowherd Ranks the Super Bowl Chances of the 8 Remaining Playoff Teams

Wild Card Round - Minnesota Vikings v New Orleans Saints

Wild Card Round - Minnesota Vikings v New Orleans Saints

Colin Cowherd’s ‘Super Bowl Meter’ for the Eight Remaining Playoff Teams -- Scale of 1 to 10. (Video Segment at Bottom of Page)

Tennessee Titans: 3

“They are a six seed and #6 seeds are 5-19 in the Divisional Round since the NFL went to a 12-team format, including 0 for their last 8. When you come off a franchise high win and topple a dynasty, I don’t think they’ll be able to emotionally meet the kind of level they’re going to need to beat Baltimore.”

Houston Texans: 4

“Kansas City has a pass rush and Deshaun Watson was just sacked 7 times versus the Bills. The last quarterback to get sacked and win a playoff game was Donovan McNabb. Not only has this team never won a Divisional Round game, but they’ve been clobbered, losing by an average of two touchdowns in this round.”

Kansas City Chiefs: 9

“They’ve won six straight and their defense since Week 11 has been excellent. They now have Frank Clark and Chris Jones up front, and the ‘Honey Badger’ has helped. This is a really good football team with an excellent coach. They’re not a clock eater with the running game but it’s a big-play offense who can play from behind.”

Baltimore Ravens: 10

“I don’t wanna be hyperbolic, but they’re on fire, mostly healthy from the bye, they’re at home, they’re well-coached, and the Minnesota Vikings are the only roster in the NFL with as many good players. This team does it all. We’re all caught up in the offense, but the defense is fantastic.”

Minnesota Vikings: 6

“I don’t like their offensive line and San Francisco’s defensive line is fantastic. As good as Dalvin Cook is, he hasn’t rushed for over 100 yards since Week 7 against Detroit. This team has a ceiling, and it’s not just Kirk Cousins, it’s Kirk under pressure. I don’t like the matchups coming up versus their O-Line.”

Seattle Seahawks: 5

“Folks, I know they’re 11-2 in one possession games but they’re missing Rashaad Penny, Chris Carson, C.J. Prosise, Duane Brown, another defensive end, and another guard. They’re great in close games but they just don’t have enough pieces to go on the road and win.”

Green Bay Packers: 6

“I don’t love their offensive line, but they'll probably beat Seattle late. They are a healthy football team and have won five straight games, but in the middle of this winning streak, Aaron Rodgers is only completing 57% of his throws with an 85 passer rating. He’s not getting a ton of time to throw here, and I don’t like the matchups going forward versus their offensive line.”

San Francisco 49ers: 9

“They’re going to get Kwon Alexander back if they win this weekend. I think their way to beat Baltimore is Kwon, who is a hyper-athletic linebacker that they got from Tampa. They can beat you in more ways than any other team in the league including Baltimore. I know we don’t want to give Jimmy Garoppolo the love because he’s too handsome, but he’s completing 69% of his throws this season.”

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