Report: Panthers Offered Matt Rhule 'Blank Check' to Lure Him From Giants

Peter Schrager: “This was out of a Hollywood script. David Tepper is the owner of the Carolina Panthers, and not only was he once a minority owner of the Steelers, but he’s also one of the richest men in the world, and built one of the most successful hedge funds from the ground up. Wall Street guys talk about Tepper as a ‘CLOSER’ and a guy who has a vision and gets things done ahead of the game… This was a ‘blank check’ from Tepper to Matt Rhule." (Full Video Above)

Listen to Fox Sports NFL insider and analyst Peter Schrager explain to Colin Cowherd how exactly the Matt Rhule deal went down in Carolina, as the charismatic and coveted former Baylor Bears head coach surprisingly was nabbed by the Panthers just hours before Rhule was supposed to meet with the New York Giants.

Schrager says Panthers owner David Tepper, not only a maverick owner, but one of the most respected names in Wall Street, essentially stole Rhule from the Giants with a ‘blank check’ offer that gives Rhule more power and more control than the vast majority of NFL coaches could ever dream of.

Check out the video above as Schrager explains how Carolina came out with one of college football’s biggest stars, despite the Giants seeming like the overwhelming favorite to land Rhule all along.

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