Top 10 Celebrity Sports Fans

Top 10 Celebrity Sports Fans according to Colin Cowherd

10. Matthew McCaughnahey – University of Texas

9. Ashley Judd – University of Kentucky

8. Billy Crystal – Los Angeles Clippers

7. Drake – Toronto Raptors

6. Mark Whalberg – New England Patriots

5. Ben Affleck & Matt Damon – Boston Red Sox

4. Bill Murray – Chicago Cubs

3. Ice Cube – Los Angeles Raiders

2. Spike Lee – New York Knicks

1. Jack Nicholson – Los Angeles Lakers

Honorable Mention – Snoop Dogg: Steelers, Bradley Cooper: Eagles, Larry King: Dodgers.

Check out the full audio below as Colin counts down the most beloved and recognizable sports fans that are the most synonymous with their favorite teams and schools.

Top 10 Celebrity Sports Fans

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