Mike Florio Says He'd Be 'Surprised' If Rams Re-sign Jared Goff

Listen to ProFootballTalk founder Mike Florio explain to Dan Patrick why he doesn’t think Sean McVay and the Los Angeles Rams will re-sign Jared Goff when he first becomes eligible for free agency.

The 24-year-old former no. 1 overall pick has gone to two consecutive Pro Bowls, but most notably plummeted statistically at the end of last season, including a 19 for 38, one interception and zero touchdown clunker in the ugly 13-3 Super Bowl loss to the New England Patriots.

Goff’s biggest critics question whether Goff’s success is overwhelmingly tied to McVay’s quarterback friendly offense that always puts Goff into position to make easy and manageable throws.

Check out the video below as Florio says he thinks McVay would rather just instill his own guy at the helm and end up saving money for a guy who is most certainly going to be looking for $30+ million dollars.

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