It's Okay To Be Skeptical About Ben Simmons

Philadelphia 76ers v Atlanta Hawks - Game Six

Photo: Getty Images North America

Doug Gottlieb: "I have no doubt that there's a mental health issue there, I've seen it myself. When you miss shots, you don't shoot, it builds up and its like stage fright, you can't even get yourself to shoot a basketball. I have no doubt there, but is it so debilitating that through an entire off-season, he can't work through it? I don't believe it. I think it's bull, but I'm not allowed to be sensitive at all to it...we're picking and choosing based upon what we actually believe in terms of mental health."

On today's edition of The Doug Gottlieb Show, Doug offered his thoughts on Ben Simmons saying he's not mentally ready to return to the Philadelphia 76ers, believing that it's fully okay to question the validity of Ben Simmons deploying the "mental health" excuse.

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