College Basketball Player Suspended After Vicious Elbow To Opposing Player

Fitchburg State University in Massachusetts announced that they have suspended a player on their basketball team after he leveled an opposing player with a vicious elbow to the face. The incident happened late in a game between the Fitchburg State Falcons and the Nichols College Bison after Nate Tenaglia took a three-point shot. 

After releasing the shot, Falcon's guard Kewan Platt jogged over from the paint and crushed Tenaglia with a forearm straight to his head. Tenaglia dropped to the ground, writhing around in pain while holding his face, as other players gathered around. Platt was given a technical foul, his second of the game, and ejected. Tenaglia was okay after the hit and stayed in the game. 

Following the incident, Fitchburg State University released a statement saying they were "appalled" by Platt's conduct and have "barred him from campus, effective immediately."

"His behavior is antithetical to our community values and good sportsmanship. Fitchburg State does not tolerate behavior that violates those standards," the school said. "The case is being reviewed at the student conduct level for consideration of further sanctions."

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