Thief Steals Package Not Knowing It's Filled With Cockroaches

Around Christmas time and tax time, thieves go on the prowl for other people's packages, hoping to score something valuable, but one porch pirate in California didn't get that and must've been pretty surprised with what was in a box he swiped. 

Unfortunately for the robber, he stole a box from an entomologist's home. If you don't know, that's someone who studies insects. Inside the box were 500 live cockroaches. 


Rosalinda Vizina, the scientist who was robbed, told her local news, "I feel a little bad for the roaches if they got smashed and tossed... but for the thieves, I hope [the roaches] went everywhere." 

Police haven't yet ID'd the suspect but there is some footage. Sadly, it's just of him stealing the package and not opening it.  

Meanwhile, if you want to get your own box of hundreds of cockroaches, believe it or not, Amazon carries them


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